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Only The Best Will Do

Welcome to a bit of an explanation of that "Only The Best Will Do" motto I use.  You want great photography?  I want to provide it, and great isn't free or even cheap.  You have a company that you're proud of, and want to show it to your clients in the best possible light.  That doesn't just "happen".  Read on: 

"The more I charge you, the more pressure I put on myself to perform for you.

"The client who grinds me on price is the least satisfied. He gets less attention from me and is most likely to be pissed off at me. And I don't really care, because to be honest, I resent him. The very fact that he is on my roster reminds me that I'm part prostitute. For him, I'm doing it for the money and as it isn't very much money I'm not troubled by not doing it well. He pays me a paltry sum, I perform poorly, he gets angry and I resent him. We can have that type of relationship if you like. 

"The client who pays me the premium gets my best work. He's the one I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about, wondering if I'm doing all I can to earn his money. When he calls, I jump. Hell, I call him first. I take pride in moving his business. I try to make myself indispensable to him. I imagine that he winces when he opens my bill (he doesn't say), but he thanks me for all I do for him. He’s the one I worry about. 

"I’m great at what I do, but if someone hires me without giving me the resources (money, time, access) to do a great job, it’s easy for me to rationalize poor performance. When a client gives me everything I ask for, he removes all the obstacles to a high quality outcome. There’s no way for me to rationalize anything less than perfection. 

"There is no greater pressure than the pressure I put on myself, and the only way you can add to my own sense of pressure is to pay me well. Yelling won’t do it. Neither will threatening to pull your business. My deep sense of obligation comes from you paying me well enough to dispatch all of the excuses. Then I have to prove to you, and, more importantly, to me that I am as good as I say I am. 

"So, I've given you my price and it's the price that I need to charge to bring a deep sense of obligation to the job. Will I work for less? Probably. Can you negotiate with me? Sure. We can have that type of relationship if you really want me to be that type of photographer and you want to be that type of client. 

"Let's just understand each other before we get started."

About the Photographer

I grew up in a family of gifted artists working in the more traditional media - painting, pottery, sculpting - all of whom I felt were much more talented than I.  Pursuing music as an early career, I ended up  working for Genesis among others, and was exposed to the magic of stage lighting - how light can attract or repel the eye of the viewer.  In there somewhere, I also discovered photography.

What started as a hobby became an obsession, changing my career and the course of  what I’d thought my life would be like.  Now, as a professional photographer since 1984, the creation of images for the use of others - to tell a story, to convince, to display -  is a part of everyday life. 

My clients run the gamut from local companies to firms located on the US west coast, in Canada and Europe;  advertising photography for Anderson Coach & Tour to Snark Sailboats to Joy Cones; from restaurant chains like Subway Sandwiches or Roy Rogers to Universal Rundle to Zambelli Fireworks.  The work has taken me throughout North America as well as the United Kingdom and has been published in TIME, Cheers, Appalachia, Pittsburgh Magazine, and Wedding Flowers International.

Thank you, and welcome.

Jeff Behm, Photographer

Jeff Behm Photography

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Preserving the world’s data from Frederick, MD.

In my career as a professional photographer, among the benefits has been the opportunity to learn more about the world, people, cultures and the incredible technologies people continue to create.  It’s afforded me the best education I could ever have imagined.
Earlier in February, I had the opportunity to work with a firm based in Frederick, Md., called The Crowley Company.

The Crowley Company manufactures more than 70% of the world’s microfilm, microfiche and aperture card scanners between the Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson brand.

Mekel Technology is manufactured in California (USA); Wicks and Wilson in Hampshire (UK). Crowley is, as mentioned, headquartered is in Frederick, MD.

On this assignment, I was ably assisted by Liane Spoto, with whom I’ve worked on other projects in the Frederick area.  When Liane wasn’t occupied with the lighting and setups necessary, she also created the available light “on assignment” photos seen here while I worked with Cheri Baker and her associate, Kris Sheckles, from Crowley.

It was extremely interesting for a photographer like myself, the bulk of whose career was spent creating advertising photographs on film.  In today’s digital age, discussing the lifetimes of various media with people as knowledgeable as those at Crowley was informative, as was learning the diverse kinds of information being stored on microfilm.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing these scanners, Crowley also operates one of the nation’s largest service bureaus, having converted hundreds of millions of images from books, newspapers, loose documents, photographic materials, graphic materials, maps, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards and more. The company is also one of the last firms to still offer analog services, such as microfilm duplicating and processing (making microfilm from digitally-born files).

Why microfilm? It’s still the longest-lasting proven storage medium. If stored correctly, it has a life span of 500 years.

To learn more about The Crowley Company, visit

Photographic assignments have taken Jeff Behm all around the western hemisphere,  as well as serving his local areas of Frederick, Washington, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard and Baltimore counties.  Services provided include advertising, aerial, food, executive portraiture and commercial photography at the highest levels.  For outstanding professional advertising photography, located in Frederick, MD., call 724-730-8513 to speak with us.


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